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Does it meet the FDA guidelines?

Yes, our products meet FDA standards and everything is in compliance.

Is Puainta product safe?

Under normal circumstances, the product is safe and should be used within the recommended range of the instruction manual or under medical supervision.

Can it be used for different periods/breeds of dogs?

Some products are not recommended for use before 2 months of age, during pregnancy, or while nursing.

How long does it take to see results after taking the product?

Depending on the severity of your pet's symptoms and whether or not you are taking the correct product, results can be seen in 3 to 5 days under normal circumstances.

Are there any conflicts with other products I am taking?

We recommend contacting your veterinarian for a consultation if you do not know the exact situation.

Can my pet's diseases be transmitted to me?

Yes, they can often be passed on to you in unpleasant ways such as parasites, fungal infections or bacteria. But we can take steps to protect you and your pet.

How do I care for my senior pet?

Regular veterinary care, balanced nutrition, proper exercise and a comfortable environment, but most importantly, companionship.

How should I tell when my dog is not feeling well/sick?

1: Changes in mood or behavior may indicate that something is happening to your dog, such as anxiety or illness.
2: Appearance is different than usual, such as slightly red, cloudy eyes, red, bumpy, scaly or peeling skin.
3: Sudden vomiting or diarrhea
4: Urination or straining to urinate more often than usual
5: Unusual wheezing and coughing
6: Temperature over 103 degrees or other symptoms
Although there is no way to ensure that your dog will never get sick, there are steps you can take to help keep them healthy.